Wednesday, February 04, 2015


Yes, no pictures today. Yes I have not been writing for a very long time.

It just happened that end of last year, I went to a country that actually hurts my feeling, leaving me confused and empty. Yes empty.... and numb. It all started when I visited a Mosque, and listened to the Tourist Guide informing us of the history. The Mosque and its compound was a killing field.

My mind just could not comprehend. How can mankind, slaughter not hundreds, nor thousand but hundred of thousands, if not million of its own kind? From 1917 to 1937, hundred thousands (If not million) of men, women and children were massacred in all the major cities of that country. All because of ideology, race or religion.

This year, I visited another country. This time, I visited a former school converted to a prison camp. From 1975 to 1979, millions were tortured and massacred; babies, children, men and women across the country. I saw the pictures and felt nausea. My head was spinning. At times I am short of breath. Looking at those gaunt pictures of men, women and children, before they were tortured and mercilessly killed.

Somehow, somewhere out there, there are human beings, that keeps on  beating the drums of hatred among we humans, encouraging, burning the desire, of human killing or exterminating other human. Kind of sad, when these humans wore mask as saviors and heroes to these people and nation, yet, they were the mastermind. Those unseen puppeteers.

I pray for peace. Respect life at its purest form. If I sway from my path, please remind me and put me on the straight path again.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Why Let The Rain Spoil Your Day?

I was coasting in the rain with my two wheeler, when it hits me, why on earth I gave POWER to the RAIN, to spoil my day?

I love the rain. I remembered those days when I was drenched ... soaked to the bone, waiting for the one I love. The rain never bothers me then. But as the years crept behind my conscious, and unknowingly, I gave it POWER...

When was the last time you walked in the rain with so much love and energy? Never ending enthusiasm of wild imagination, making love with the cold music of rain, pitter patter.. pitter patter....

 Tomorrow morning, I am going to smile at my boss. HE will NOT have the POWER to spoil my weekend! He he he...

Same to you SOBs out there! Have a great life. Stop f______g yours!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Negativity plundering my soul.

It has been hovering over me for the past few days. Seems not to be able to shake it off. I do not know why? It came suddenly, usually it lingers not more than a day. But this time, it lingers .... and it lingers.
When it plunders, it ran deep in my soul. As though nothing else matters. The focus and the center of gravity seems to be pulling me down....down ... down... into an abyss that is kind of frightening.

I have locked myself in the room. Nearly 48 hours now. My blood pressure has gone down since yesterday. It hovers above 90/140. Lets pray tomorrow it will go down another 10 notches. Is it the cholesterol level also has gone up. Maybe the blood sugar level too?

Should visit my friendly doctor. Sigh.....

They say, when your job is done... it is time for you to go.....


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

My heart.

When in love, one must follow ones heart. A sage, jumped out of an article, once "said" to me.
I have been in love for a number of times. Followed my heart and got burnt. To be fair, I burnt a few other hearts also.
It always clouded my mind, when I followed my heart. At times I felt halpless, lost in an ocean that has no bottom or beaches.
But lately, my heart just could not take it anymore. Perhaps time for my mind to take over? Decision must be made. Not just pertaining to the heart, but other important matters also.
Like what?... Yeah, like what?
Guess only for me to know.....
However my heart is grateful that :
  1. Financially I will be able to survive till the end of the month. If not till end of next month.
  2. There are still people that loves me. Yes, you in down under.
  3. Emotionally out, yet my mind still intact.
Well my under utilised mind, time for you to wake up! Lets see if you can do better than my heart?

Thursday, March 08, 2012

My English.

Pardon my English. It has gone from bad to worst. Some say it, from bad to badder. Ermm....

I am not an advocate of English language, but I acknowledge, English has its advantages. I remembered a friend, that does not have any paper qualification, but is doing well in England, with only English as her tools to survive there.

The first time I met her, her broken English was so bad. But I noticed that she does not show any reaction when people snigger's or laugh at her spoken broken English. She just kept on persistently to better her English. She now speaks with a Londoner slang, but one can still catch a few broken English in her sentences.

As I say, my English is not perfect, but the degree that Malaysian graduates, especially, local graduates English has gone down the drain. Sometimes I could not make any sense of their sentences. So what can WE do about it? I think we should talk more in English. Encourage our local graduates to read English blogs, written by Malaysian.

Any other idea to better or upgrade the English language in Malaysia? I would like to hear your ideas and comments. Someone told me yesterday, to approach the government body, and collaborate with them to better the English amongst our local graduates. So I am waiting for your ideas and comments. Thank you.

Monday, March 05, 2012

Are they all the same?

I may have the least or little experience, but I like to find out from frens, and sometimes from strangers. Ermm bad habit.... but exciting. I mean... just discussing ok...not doing it. He he he... I wish can get more experience....

Just like us human, we are all different. We may look or feel the same, but definitely, there are differences in each of us. There is always a uniqueness, an individuality that set us apart from each other.

Even the partner we preferred differs. Some like it young, some like it matured. Some like their partner to be slim like current models, some like it hefty, meatier ..... Like a fren of mine like to insinuate that I loike heavier built women. Lets see...

From my little experience, I seldom can make my partner cum, just by penis penetration alone.... Most of the time, by masturbation or cunnilingus as I have wrote about it long time ago. Please refer to those links that I have highlighted.  

However, not long ago, I was caught off guard. Met up with this individual, who confessed that she can cum, by penis penetration, especially while her right ear is being kissed and caress! So there are women out there, that prefer and can cum by penis penetration alone. The down side, I was informed, that she finds it hard or difficult to cum, when her partner masturbate or "eat" her.

We just cannot have it all!

I would love to make love on the beach, just like the pic below...... U want?

Friday, March 02, 2012

To wear or not to wear.

I have not worn a wristwatch for more than a week. Why I did that, I really do not know? One morning, I just decided not to wear one.

For years it was my habit, to line up my wristwatches, and choose one to wear for that day. Now I have only three wristwatches left. The oldest has been with me for about 25 years. 2nd has been with me about 10 years. The last one, has been about 5 years.

I cannot afford those branded wristwatches. At times, it is mind boggling to me, to see someone wearing a wristwatch that cost more than RM 25K! Even one that cost more than RM 3K I think is too expensive, and can be dangerous at times.

But then again, if I have the money, I might buy one... he he he.... On second thoughts, no I will not buy an expensive wristwatch, but I rather buy a mean easy rider......

I really miss riding.... riding towards the sunset....

Getting back to not wearing a wristwatch, yesterday morning, I actually sat in a cafeteria, by a parking lot in Cyberjaya. At first, I did not notice. But as I start looking at the patrons having their breakfast, I noticed, about 50% of the men are NOT wearing wristwatches.....